Disk Usage Visualizer


Mac app to see your data at a glance.

A nice tool to track your disk usage and see your data. Helpful and respectful.

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Eximo screenshot Eximo screenshot Eximo screenshot


As early as 2004 we felt the need for a visual disk usage tool. Seven years ago, there was one nice tool for Windows developed by Steffen Gerlach (still available at his website).

For Mac, however, it was only the Finder. And it wasn't enough. Get Info and standard folder sizes are still the only clues you get. So we started Eximo. Back then, we called it Disk Diagram.

Yet, what with other things on our minds and lacking a clear marketing plan, we let the development fall behind, and for several years the project was completely frozen. A few years ago, we noticed that similar apps had appeared. But they were not exactly what we had imagined.

Our goal was to make an app meeting the high standards of the Mac platform. And it had to integrate nicely with MacOS.

In late 2009, when news spread of the App Store opening, we decided to renew the development. It was an incentive for us to once more try and make the disk tool the best way we wanted.

We now gladly present to you the product of our efforts and we sincerely hope you like it.

Available in App Store